Volunteers for Burgham 2021

Burgham in 2020 was different and, as always, our volunteers were the backbone of the event being able to go ahead. The way the event ran was amended to ensure social distancing and to be Covid secure. At the moment we believe the event will go ahead, although we don’t yet know what the requirements will be in detail. However, our success in running the first international horse trials after the sport resumed has prepared us for most eventualities so we are confident, that with your support, it will be a success again this year.

Last year our advice was that if you were in a vulnerable group then, as your health is paramount, you should give the event a miss. We hope that this year, that group of volunteers will be vaccinated by the time the competition runs, meaning you may be in a much better position this year.

However, it continues to be the case that your health must come first so if you feel you are not yet ready to come out to volunteer then please stay at home again this year.

You can rest assured though that we will be doing everything possible to minimise risk and prepare so that everyone can look forward to a truly enjoyable event.

Many of you will know that Caroline Miller took over the role of coordinating the volunteers from Alison Waddell and was amazed by the support and help you all gave her in getting to grips with the role. Hopefully, this year systems will improve further as she gains more experience of the role – Alison was a hard act to follow!

Everything is evolving over time and we may be able to relax measures. We really value your expertise and time. Thank-you!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or questions. We hope to welcome you to Burgham in 2021!

If you would like to volunteer for the event in one of the many roles available then please complete the survey Burgham and Alnwick Ford Volunteer Survey 2021 or contact us directly at: volunteers@burghaminternationalhorsetrials.co.uk


If you would like to send the survey link on then please feel free.